All technical analysis at today’s Round the Clock Trader!

At today’s live round the clock Trader event we had four fantastic expert Traders starting at 9 a.m. with George Hallmey we started looking at swing trading reversals. George outlined his fantastic harmonic wave patterns and taught us how he combines trading with his passions in life of sailing and spending time with his family.  



Following George at 10 a.m. we welcomed Richard Adcock from Adcock who joined us for a presentation on technical analysis where he demonstrated his signals and parameters for highlighting when stock or Forex pair is overbought or oversold .

Attendees on the webinar were delighted to learn about his systems and this was perhaps the first time in the history of the Round the clock webinars that we have seen such a clear tool which uses traffic light colour systems to demonstrate when a particular forex pair is in an uptrend or downtrend, and his combinations of using momentum and MACD indicators were of great interest to the hundreds of attendees on the webinar.

At 11:00 we welcomed again one of our favourite RTCT presenters, Dr David Paul.   David is the managing director of VectorVest UK and after a short description of how the VectorVest system works he showed us how to perfect a worry free investing strategy based on using safe stocks from the UK and US markets.  As always David’s presentation was full of excellent advice and reference to trading strategies and psychology – he is always worth tuning in for, even if you have heard him speak once before.

Carol Harmer with 35 years of experience as a technical analyst took time out from coaching her live trading group to analyse the live markets for us at 12 p.m. in her life presentation we looked at the FTSE 100 the S&P 500 the Dax that euro dollar and gold.

Like David Paul before her Carol provided a huge amount of valuable information and advice for Traders.

If you missed the live events you can still watch the recordings of these webinars by joining our RTCT Elite Trader Group (only £5/m) simply visit

Our next LIVE Round the Clock Trader summit event will take place on Thursday 21st of June 2018 – check out the agenda, speakers, and register free at

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