Why you must enjoy trading first to make money second

Earlier this week at one of our events in London I was asked by a delegates what I actually do – and why?
It stopped me in my tracks…
Not just because I’ve ended up doing what I do by accident rather than design, but because I’ve never really asked myself why?
Many of you will know something of my background from hearing me on the ‘Round the Clock Trader’ webinars, or the live seminars where we’ve met; you might even have been to one of the IX Investor Shows or VectorVest seminars I used to host in years long past!
And I really do hope you’ve profited, even in some small way, from the events.
But my mission to help private traders and investors access good education that isn’t going to cost thousands, and with people with whom you can place some trust, isn’t just borne out of altruistic concern for investors, but also because I derive enjoyment from the whole activity. And this what keeps me going, and is key to becoming successful not just in business, but also in trading.
Okay, so I earn some income from partners and advertisers which helps pay the bills, but the key reason is must come down to the fact that I do enjoy what I do.
I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy connecting them with other contacts who can help them progress to become profitable traders.
And this is one of the truths of trading in my opinion – you really have to enjoy what you’re doing you will ultimately become successful at it.
Making money from trading simply it isn’t rewarding enough – however strange that might sound to you.
You need to enjoy the challenge, enjoy the rewards of making the right decisions, and even – dare I say it – enjoy the honest acceptance of your failures!
Many of the best traders will tell you that successful trading can be quite boring, tedious even, and in some cases long periods of time are spent doing absolutely nothing when the markets are not responding to the trading strategies.
So if you can find enjoyment in watching markets, understanding how world events affect prices, being early to spot opportunities, then trading will eventually become enjoyable to you too.
And when you enjoy it, it ceases to be a chore, just a way to simply make money – but something which begins to define you and fulfills you as a person!
Sermon over.

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