The Future of Crypto Trading? Webinar featuring new TAP service for crypto traders

Simon Campbell is joined by two experts from the crypto currency space to discuss the overall market trends of the currencies, the rising demand for crypto payment systems from business and consumers, and the future opportunity for traders and investors to participate.

Scott Wilson is sales and marketing specialist with nearly two decades of experience in the financial services and investment arena and has owned, run and consulted businesses in these sectors since 2005. 
His focus for this webinar is a new service from ‘Tap Global’.

Tap is new service which offers traders split-second access to crypto trading & payments with a revolutionary new trading app and a contactless prepaid Mastercard.

Scott helps investors to understand and benefit from various offerings alongside products that range from private and listed equity, private and listed debt instruments, cryptocurrencies, property, fine wine, art and wealth management. 

He says “I’m a big believer in being the absolute best we can and the success of any project I’m involved in which is why I’m so excited to talk to Round the Clock Trader’s loyal followers in this coming webinar.”

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