Learn the secrets to trading success at this special event!

Join Simon Campbell as he probes 12 experts to reveal their best trading strategies and tips for success in the financial markets.  This multi-speaker event offers tuition and education on how to trade, plus reviews of live stock and forex markets.  After attending this event you will take away dozens of new ideas to profit!

Live from 9am to 9pm London time

Thursday, 19th October 2017

At this free-to-attend mega-webinar you will learn:

  • The 6 Rules You need to find stocks with extreme precision
  • How to supercharge your returns with social trading
  • The key chart patterns every trader relies upon every day
  • How to spot and trade forex reversal patterns
  • How to train your brain for trading success

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Founder, London Investment Week

With 20 years experience in the private investor and trader sector, Simon has unrivalled access to the best speakers and educators in the industry.  Simon hosts the events live and puts your questions direct to the speakers!

Your host:  Simon Campbell MBA ACSI