Round-the-Clock-Investor Launches

In response to the hugely successful series of Round-the-Clock-Trader events we have held this year, we have now set a date for the first Round-the-Clock-Investor on-line conferences.  We recognise that traders and investors will have different objectives, methods and interests.  This is why we´ve created a separate event for traders, and a separate event for investors.

With a focus more on shares, funds and structured products the Round-the-Clock-Investor event offers investors the opportunity learn from 12 experts on a variety of assets and strategies.  Every two months our experts comment on their best picks for the Growth, Income and Value portfolios and explain why.

We also showcase the latest tools, platforms and services for investors and highlight key lessons.

These events are never the same twice – not only do the speakers and content change every two month – so do the markets!  What might have been working one month, may not still be working in two months.  Only by attending the Round-the-Clock-Investor events will you be assured of keeping yourself ahead of the markets.

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