Swallowfield (SWL.L) is a UK-based company…

Swallowfield (SWL.L) is a UK-based company, which is engaged in the development, formulation and supply of personal care and beauty products across other European Union countries and rest of the world. The Company offers its products in various product types, such as personal care aerosols, hot pour, premium liquids/tubes/roll-ons, fragrance and gifting, and color cosmetics […]

Which way from now? and sausages.

I will leave the discussions around the events of last week to your weekend newspapers. On both sides on the pond we had a full week of breaking news. I can only imagine the liberal elite in Davos scratching their heads as how these events occurred in the first place. Last year their predictions were […]

Gold and Gold shares

The Gold price has had a good week. Last weekend I felt that there was a 100$ plus move up on the way and that seems to have started in the first trading week of 2017. The USA labor report was good and it showed a strong hike in wages which is inflationary and good […]

Markets on the move

Several weeks ago I reported on the large reverse divergence between price and the momentum of the price that was setting up on the VectorVest Composite of the UK market. This reverse divergence is sometimes called “hidden divergence” or a “slingshot”. The divergence tends to precede a fast move. Basically price makes a rising bottom […]

Focus on: AB Dynamics

Ab Dynamics PLC is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the design, manufacture and supply to the global automotive industry of advanced testing and measurement products for vehicle suspension, brakes and steering both in the laboratory and on the test track. The Company’s products service include Kinematics and compliance testing, Vehicle dynamics testing on the […]

Successful launch of RTCT Live! event in London

On Saturday, 5th November 2016, Over 400 active traders converged on the Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London for a memorable day of live seminars, one-to-one meetings, and networking with industry experts.  The event was sponsored by Activtrades UK and supported by many leading service providers to the retail trading community. The next event is […]

Crazy traders!

I have a confession. When I started trading I was definitely on the ‘greedy’ side of the emotional spectrum of market participants. I wanted to make a lot of money fast and I did it. Then I lost it all just as quickly. It took me a couple of years to realise that high risk […]

Confirmed Down preceded by MTI Divergence

For what seems like months I have been writing about the divergence between the price of the VectorVest Composite and the proprietary VectorVest MTI indicator. The MTI is a momentum indicator based on the combined rate of change of both the price and breadth of the Composite. The breadth is measured each and every day […]

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