Have you had your trading ‘eureka’ money yet?

Yesterday I had a great call with one of our RTCT feature speakers, Mike Hamilton, who will talk at next week’s live event in London.
On the call I asked Mike what attracted him to trading and what he’ll be covering at the workshop next Wednesday:
Mike: “I’ve been trading since the 1980’s, it’s the freedom it allows me to enjoy life. But initially it actually took over my life, I was so absorbed trying lots of systems and strategies that I had less time than before!
Me: What changed?
Mike: I guess I only started to make real, regular money about 2007 when I began developing my own system for trading. I then spent the following 12 years developing and refining this system – and to be honest – it’s brilliant, and keeps working.”
Me: But what makes it so special?
Mike: Because it’s simple, and uses basic tools in a unique combination that reads the market for the current session.
Me: So is it a special indicator?
Mike: No, the problem with most indicators is they are lagging – they tell you what happened yesterday, or last week, or last year – and that’s no good for someone like me who likes to be in and out the market on the same day! I want to understand what’s happening now – and where the the banks going to buy or sell today – do your indicators tell you that?
Me: Not really! but scalp trading is an established trading strategy, what’s different about your style?
Mike: This is a very different kind of scalping where we are finding confirmation levels, not wasting time on 2 minute charts. We aren’t scalping for 10 / 15 pips, we look for 25 pips.
Me: Wow! 25 pips a day, few days a week, can be a good income most of us, is it really achievable?
Mike: If you’re willing to put the work in – anything is possible! My Scalper School traders join me before the markets open in a live online trading room to see how I plot the system on my charts. When the markets open I want to see the same price action to take a trade, otherwise I wait patiently.
Me: Can anyone learn to trade this method?
Mike: Yes, if you have the basic training then you can exploit this method. It’s so good I have had traders join us who have traded for a few years; for most it’s a ‘eureka’ moment when they see how the system works.
Me: Thanks Mike – I’ll look forward to joining you at the workshop next Wednesday in London to learn more!
If you want to learn more, and meet Mike in person, please join us both at our special event in London next Wednesday afternoon. It’s free to attend, simple click the link below:
Wednesday 29 May – 1:30 – 5PM
Fineco Hub | Ground Floor | 40 Gracechurch Street | EC3V 0BT | London City

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