Guy Cohen reveals his system – cracking the hidden money code.

Guy and I go back almost 20-years, he’s definitely my geekiest friend, and during the time I’ve known him he’s become a pretty big deal in the trading world.  And when I say that, I mean on an international scale with a seriously impressive set of credentials, so I know you’re going to get a ton of value from this training session with him.

There are some seriously wealthy and well respected people in the trading world who trust Guy to advise them on handling their money, but I promise he’ll keep it really simple for you tonight and what you’ll really like is the analogies he uses to make what he does easy to understand and easy to implement.  

So what about his credentials … Well first, he’s written FOUR best-selling trading books published by the Financial Times and Wiley – so pretty impressive endorsements there, but somehow – and I know this first hand – he manages to make things incredibly easy to understand and super easy to follow!  

What else … Well, Guy’s clients include the New York Stock Exchange – it doesn’t get much more impressive than that does it!  

And even more impressive – and unusual in terms of other gurus you may have seen in the trading world, Guy’s systems are used by professional money managers to manage their multi-million dollar client portfolios. 

What that means is that literally on a daily basis, tens-of-millions of dollars are being traded as a direct result of Guy’s systems.

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