An exciting line-up of speakers for June Round-the-Clock-Trader – part 1

This month I’ve tried hard to pull together an exciting line-up for the 12 hour trading education that we offer at the Round-the-Clock-Trader event.  It’s always quite difficult to ensure everyone can fit into certain time slots – especially when speakers are often geographically spread across the globe!

Starting our event this month is Zaheer Anwari.  He’s a champion of longer trem trend trading as the key to building wealth – and he explains the strategies he uses to uncover these stocks that fulfill his objectives.  He’ll be start at 9am BST.

Following Zaheer, we have Francis Hunt a.k.a The Market Sniper.  Hold onto your seats as Francis takes you on a fast paced review of the global markets, and uses this backdrop to highlight some of the macro economic trends that will produce trading opportunities for the astute investor.

3 Steps: From Inconsistent to Consistent Profits is the title of Rishi Patel’s 11am talk – he’ll be showcasing the unique indicators and strategies that they use at Master the Markets to capture regular returns from the markets.

Why attend Round-the-Clock-Trader?

Well, for a start it’s free.  Secondly you don’t need to travel to a hotel or conference centre to learn – and that is all before you start to add up the value of having live direct access to some of the wisest heads in the business for a day.

When I started offering private investor education with my sister in the late 1990’s – it took weeks to plan a workshop – and the most recent data we had available during the workshop was the morning copy of the FT!  Nowadays it all moves so fast and we all have access to the technology to capitalise on the information we hear almost immediately.

Round-the-Clock-Trader isn’t an event that will give you any specific advice of course, it is there to educate you – and we hope that the rapid fire style of multiple speakers discussing various aspects of trading serves to provide you with a rounded view of the markets, and the opportunities theirin to profit from the them.

So whether you are just starting out and looking for some practical tips on what to trade, how to choose a broker and tools, or an experienced day trader with an ear for the latest hot tip – you’ll enjoy listening live to the experts on offer.

What timeframes should I be trading?

This is above all else, the most frequently asked question put to speakers at the RTCT events.  It’s a topic of much discussion and the answer greatly depends on personal approach to risk and objectives.  Being such a key topic I’m delighted to welcome Paul Wallace (@fxtraderpaul) to highlight some do’s and don’ts this month.  FXTraderPaul is a financial trader and performance coach with more than 23 years’ experience working in competitive, results-driven, performance environments. Working with individuals operating in challenging zero-sum environments, he helps create a ‘performance mindset’ to promote success.  He’ll be talking from 12pm BST.

Next week we’ll take a more in depth look at the afternoon and evening schedules.

However, the full list of speakers for 23rd June is published here if you can’t wait until next week!  Click here.

Simon Campbell

London Investment Week



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