30 Good Reasons to Attend this Webinar

Many of you have been contacting me, asking when the next RTCT is happening [I’m so glad the event is so highly valued!] and I have some good news for you…

I took a break for August before getting busy in September pulling together, what is arguably now, the UK’s largest and most incredible line-up of trading and investment experts ever to participate on the same online event – offering over 50 hours of live, valuable content, training and advice.

The Round the Clock Trader Summit is now a five day event, running Monday 15th through to Friday, 19th October and featuring over 30 LIVE workshops, tutorials, prizes andquestion and answer sessions from over 30 experts.

Starting at 9.30am every day, you can select from a range of free trading presentations including live market briefings and trading, strategy lessons, technical analysis tips, products demos, and much more – all live hosted by yours truly!

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At the event, you will learn the best performing indicators to use, how to spot market trends, and when to jump in – and out – to make consistent profits.

Check out the timetable of events here

As a private trader, or someone simply wanting to dip their toe in the markets, it’s very hard to know where to turn and how to get started. Join us for this incredible event and we’ll teach you the right way to go.

And there’s no need to travel anywhere either – it’s all online via webinar – so you can join us from home, in the office, on the train – anywhere!

How can all this be free to attend?

Well, I’ve sourced several big name sponsors to support the event in return for some talk time and advertising, this keeps it free for you, the attendee, so please do take time to engage with the sponsors!

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There’s only one concern, which is the risk of the webinar platform maxing out in advance – it can only handle 1000 attendees at any one time, so please don’t be disappointed, sign up now and reserve your place now!

Round the Clock Trader is live for five days and includes topics on a wide range of trading and investing. You will learn about trading stocks, forex, commodities, crypto currencies and other financial instruments.

You’ll learn the steps to take to improve your trading results, how to manage risk and how to take advantage of the massive volatility in the markets caused by Brexit, Trump, Russia and other global events.

Registration is simple and free

I look forward to seeing you on some (or all?) of the webinars – you only need to register once – it’s going to be fun and I guarantee you’ll become a better traderafterwards – don’t miss it!

Simon Campbell MBA ACSI
Founder of Round the Clock Trader

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