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Quick Quiz – Test Your Trading Knowedge

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Question last week’s Round-the-Clock-Trader (scroll right to the bottom for answers) 1 What does the F.O.M.C stand for? 2 Our sponsors Societe Generale offer ETPs – what does ETP stand for? 3 If I was planning to ‘go short’, which direction would I be expected the price to move? 4 Which legendary investor once said…

Bo Yoder S&P Analysis

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The S&P 500 (ETF Proxy – AMEX:SPY) has behaved exactly as forecast in my last column. Price has bounced over and over within the grey “Struggle Zone” and offered many profit opportunities for intraday traders as we wait for a sustainable daily bottom to form. I am waiting for the chance to put on some…

Should you to Add to Winning Positions?

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If you catch a great trending move, scaling into it is a great trade adjustment to increase your max profit. In my trading over the years I have found that the easiest way to build good and fast returns is to be in a larger position when correct in my market call that when I…